Anonyme Schnitzer der Lobi

anonyme_schnitzer_der_lobiAnonyme Schnitzer der Lobi
352 Seiten, 298 Farbabbildungen
18 schw./weiß Abbildungen
1 Karte, Hardcover (30,8 x 21,8cm)
ISBN-13: 978-3-00-019165-7
Edition: 2006
Preis: 72,00 Euro




Detaillierte Präsentation von 14 anonymen Lobischnitzern (Nummern 10-23)
Nachfolgewerk zu der Publikation: Lobi Skulpturen aus der Kollektion Katsouros, 2002

Dawid Norden schreibt:

we are glad to announce the publication of this new book about Lobi African tribal art:
Text in German, English and French.
After the publication of the work on Lobi ‚Lobi Sculptures of the Katsouros Collection‘ in 2002, in which nine anonymous carvers were identified and presented, the Katsouros and Herkenhoff team has worked intensively on documenting and analysing fourteen further anonymous carvers.

This resulted in a comprehensive photographic record with precise descriptions, giving a clear structure and argumentation outlining and detailing the typical characteristics of the individual carvers. This is pioneering work in this field, of great value to all collectors of Lobi and other African ethnographic work. This book will become the standard and serve as a base and reference oeuvre in the future.

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